Introducing Myself and Why I want to Talk about Microbiology

Hey peeps!

My name is Treveni Mukherjee, and I am an alumna from the University of Leeds who is putting her Microbiology degree to some good use here.

During the pandemic, I have noticed a lot of misinformation was, and still, being shared where educated people, too, get fooled by thinking that vaccines are ineffective in saving lives, using colloidal silver to treat all illnesses, including symptoms of COVID-19, etc.

My purpose here is simple; I want to educate everyone on microbiology in a bit informal way as possible, from students at schools and universities to adults who know nothing about it. I know that people from universities can be very snobbish and live in ivory towers, but there are others, including myself, who are doing their best not to make you folks feel bad for not knowing stuff in this field and keeping everyone well informed. It can be challenging to communicate the most difficult topics, and it takes an understanding person to do that.

I will be happy and welcoming to receive constructive feedback to improve my work, any future topics I could try to explain or simply words of appreciation.

Finally, do keep a lookout for my first post, which shall be on cells, the building blocks of our bodies.

Thank you for reading and take care 😊



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