Announcement!: New Year, and Maybe Some New Plans

It is a new year, and I feel I can do something a bit different on here so you peeps can get to know me better

Photo by Willem Chan on Unsplash

First of all, Happy New Year, peeps! May this year be fantastic and joyous than whatever the hell just happened in the last two years 🥳🎉🙌🤞

2020 and 2021 were quite challenging for me as I struggled to get a simple role in a microbiology lab, all thanks to the pandemic and some employers who didn’t want to give me a chance. However, I found better things to do and improve, like, touch-typing, reading fiction, looking out for my friends, spending time with the family, discovering graphic design, blogging on Medium, and learning to pick out which employers are possibly decent to work with in the future.

For this year and hopefully so on, I plan to continue my microbiology blogging by releasing one post per month (date not defined yet), and scattered in between will be my thoughts on movies and whatnot.

That’s all, folks! See you around and stay tuned 👋😊



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Treveni Mukherjee

Treveni Mukherjee

A University of Leeds alumna with an Integrated Masters degree in Microbiology taking a break from science 😄