Announcement!: About My Microbiology Blogging

It has been a while I posted anything here and you peeps deserve to know what I have been up to lately

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Hi peeps! 👋

I hope you all are doing well, and most importantly, vaccinated against the SARS-CoV2 virus (the one that causes COVID-19 disease). If not, check your area to book an appointment for your shots. Since boosters are now approved for 18 years and above (check area of residence to know more), and go get them! This will make your immune system more robust for any future infections by the virus and many of its variants.

So far, the new omicron variant of the coronavirus is susceptible to the vaccine and fully vaccinated folks will mostly have mild symptoms and recover soon. Trust me, building your immunity with vaccines is way more safer than exposing our naïve immune systems to the disease which can have lasting consequences, and even death. To summarise, please get vaccinated, grab your boosters, consult your doctors in case you have underlying issues before booking an appointment, mask up, sanitise surfaces, maintain good hygiene, and listen to the REAL science experts if you really want the pandemic to stop for good.

Don’t mind me! I wanted to get the information out of my system to make sure you guys are not panicking a lot about the new variant.

Anyway, back to me not blogging about microbiology.

For a month, I have been delving into graphic design because I wanted to make a logo for my blog, but I simply nose-dived into it. I always craved to make science art ever since I laid my eyes on the cover page of a Nature journal which looked so beautiful and vibrant. Creating your own science diagrams on the computer is pretty great since you don’t have to subscribe to expensive services to make your figures, as long as you have your own tricks up your sleeves to get it done faster, a computer with the right kind of specs, and an illustrating programme of your choice.

Therefore, I decided to jump into graphic design, learn the basics and the tools needed to make some awesome art, logos, backgrounds, and more. One more point to be noted is that I am learning all of that by myself with the help of YouTube. It requires a lot of self-discipline, grit, determination, and passion, which I definitely have. Good thing is, I can do all of this at my own pace. No assignments, no deadlines, no snobby lecturers and students. Zero. Drama.

As you can see, I have been distracted so much that I did not create a post on more microbiology stuff 😅 More like, not many people are interacting with my work despite the efforts of sharing it on various social media platforms. I am not looking for a massive follower count (if you follow me because you like my work, I am happy), I just want people to learn and appreciate these amazing microbiology concepts so they don’t get persuaded by pseudoscience nonsense. I also assumed that reading a science blog could be boring since people prefer looking at pictures and videos, which I totally understand because information from science videos stick well in my head for a longer time than reading text and yawning a lot (been there, done that).

So, I am thinking to continue blogging once a month and spend most of my time learning graphic design. I seriously need to develop a side hustle because I don’t want to be known for just everything science, and there’s nothing wrong in getting a little money on the side, right? 😉 I am more than just a scientist, I am an artist. I definitely love my subject, but I want to develop my artistic side which can be beneficial for me in the lab and while I am taking a break.

Okay! I am planning to get a microbiology post out on January, the date will come a little later. For now, I will continue learning something new and fun.

Thank you for reading so far! I appreciate you for your understanding 😊🙌



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Treveni Mukherjee

Treveni Mukherjee

A University of Leeds alumna with an Integrated Masters degree in Microbiology taking a break from science 😄